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Tropic skincare

I use Tropic Skincare in all of my facials, and have been so impressed with the products that I have also become an Independent Tropic Ambassador. This allows my clients to continue using Tropic Skincare products when looking after their skin between treatments.

Tropic products are highly effective, 100% plant derived, vegan, cruelty-free, verified organic and eco-friendly. The company is carbon negative (they double-offset their carbon footprint) and gives back to communities through charity work, such as their ongoing support of United World Schools, providing education in places like Nepal, Cambodia and Myanmar where otherwise children would not be able to access an education, and supporting projects to protect the rainforests and Great Barrier Reef.

I have a private Facebook Group where I post regular skincare tips and advice, as well as special offers. Please come and join us if you would like to learn more about your skin, about products that provide fantastic skincare without negatively impacting the planet, and contain no nasties.



If you would like to buy a Tropic product please contact me for advice, or use the button below.

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