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Better Sleep Course

An online course to help you identify and remedy issues with sleep, full of practical tools that are easy to implement.

Better Sleep Course
Better Sleep Course

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Now available in Resources



About the Event

I am currently writing an online course on Better Sleep - see details below. The course will give you an increased understanding of sleep and the areas you can focus on to improve your own sleep, in an easy-to-follow and practical format. 

If you would be interested in this course please express your interest via this 'event' and I will let you know once the course is available.

It will be structured around 4 weeks of learning and actions:

1. You will undertake an intake survey to rate your current sleep and give it a score

Week 1 =   Understanding sleep and your own sleep patterns.

Learn how sleep works, hormones, circadian rhythm etc in. Keep a sleep diary and highlight key areas of focus.

2. Week 2 =   Sleep hygiene factors.

Learn how to create a healthy sleep routine, how eating and drinking timings/screen and device usage/bedroom environment/exercise etc could be tripping you up. Keep a simple routine diary for one week and commit to 3 top areas of focus.

3. Week 3 =   Mindfulness/Meditation.

Understand how mindfulness can help sleep issues and stress levels, and learn some practical techniques. Use a simple mindfulness issues checklist to identify top 3 areas of focus then draw up a mindful activity plan. Keep a meditation diary and receive a guided meditation audio as well as a bonus of a busy thoughts guided meditation.

4. Week 4 =   Relax and breathe

Understand how relaxation techniques and breathing exercises can help with sleep issues. Easily identify areas for focus and create a relaxation/breathing activity plan for the final week. Receive breathing exercise instructions plus video guidance of 3 breath techniques as well as a guided relaxation technique audio and a bonus of a guided relaxation plus visualisation audio.

You will also receive a bonus of a flowchart of interventions. Re-take the intake survey to compare your sleep score now with the intake score.

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